Chiang Mai to Krabi

So the last time I wrote I was in Chiang Mai. If you ever come to Thailand you have to go there, its just so class. The local people there are amazingly friendly and its even cheaper than Bangkok too. On our last night the owner of the bar we always went in (Outback) let us watch classic comedy on his 90″ screen while getting p**sed. We went through Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Fools and Horses and Porridge, what a result. Then we went to a bar called Spicy which is open till 6am and everyone in there wants to speak to you because youre english. class times.

Anyway, we are in Krabi now. Its a a bit of a paradise here… it is extremely hot and the beach and everything is amazing. It is a bit too quiet for us at night though which is a bit of a drawback.. and I have also had food poisoning for 2 days which is NOT very nice, I can tell you. I still love Thai food though, and I am determined to not let it put me off.

Anyway, more to come soon and I hope all is well. 😀

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