Goodbye to the land of smiles…

Well my time in Thailand has come to an end and I have to say it is really sad. We had such a great time there it was genuinely hard to leave. I have already promised myself I’ll be back there soon.

I am in Kuala Lumpur now (the capital of Malaysia) and it is pretty good here. It’s not quite as hot as Bangkok because its more spacious and much less humid. The only thing is it is expensive here if you want to go on the lash…. its about RM11 for a small glass of beer, which is about 2 quid. It is a strange place because there are a few different races living side by side… the malays, the chinese and the indians (I think they are Indian but I have yet to confirm it), and you can sense the racial tension between the different groups. I got speaking to a chinese girl in a club and she said she only has chinese friends and only really speaks to chinese people.

We walked miles to the world’s tallest building(s) yesterday, the Petronas Towers, and they wouldnt let us in! We were so pissed off its untrue but they are quite impressive to look at from the outside.

Anyway we are here for 2 more days before we head to Singapore, and then its on to Japan to meet up with Andy U in Hiroshima. I’ll probably update next there. Thanks to anyone that is reading this and take care of yourselves. All the best,

Lunny šŸ˜€

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