SARS masks, chinese businessmen and green tea

After Kuala Lumpur we headed down to Singapore to spend a few days on the way to Japan. We were a bit nervous about singapore because of all the stuff we had heard about the rules and regulations there…. but it turns out its not nearly as bad as we thought. It was very clean and very very busy. Its expensive, but you can live pretty cheaply if you shop around a bit. We had a mental night out here though… went to a bar called cheeky monkeys which was all-you-can-drink for $25. Ended up meeting two american girls from the local international school and going to an after party at the raffles hotel. It was a post-prom party for the americans and there was free alcohol everywhere. After teaching them a few drinking games we were politely asked to leave because the party was getting too rowdy. Unfortunately there was someone there in a bloomin Slipknot boiler suit *sigh*.

We then moved on to Hong Kong where we wore SARS masks some of the time, but it seems the problem has died down there now. Hardly anybody wears them. Spent a very uncomfortable night on the floor at HK airport before flying to Japan.

There is too much to say about Japan to write it now, so Ill do it soon. Thanks to those of you reading, and take care.

Lunny 😀

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