G’day mate, whats the good word?!

Hi everybody,

I am sorry it has been such a long time, but I never realised how hard it could be to find the time to keep a diary like this going. I dont know how Jessibug gets on so often!

Anyway, I said I would tell you something about Japan… but all I can do is sum the country up in one word: ‘strange’. Everything in Japan is just so different to anywhere else its incredible. There are vending machines on the streets selling used knickers, no signs or anything are in English alphabet, accommodation is absurdly expensive and there is so, so much sleaze. Having said all that… I fell in love with the country in a big way. The Japanese are some of the most generous people you can imagine and love to welcome you and make you feel at home. Japanese food is okay…. it can get very spicy. Basically it is hard to explain Japan in the short time I have on here, but you should get out there and see it. Its expensive, but try and save more money before you go away and you’ll be fine. It has to be seen to be believed. We went to Tokyo (Shinjuku), Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka. If you need any info about these places you can send me a message and i’ll be happy to help.

I have also just speant nearly a month in Australia! It is such a beautiful country with so many great people around. Trouble is, and I dont know if this is the case with other people, Australia is rife with backpackers and they (we) have taken over whole areas of cities…. meaning there are clubs and bars around that have a mostly British clientile and brits working behind the bar, so you might as well be back home. I mean it is fun, dont get me wrong, but I can get w**kered and dance to cheesy music at Heaven And Hell in Leeds.
As you head down the east Coast and stay in hostels, you’ll start to recognise all the same chain shops that are around for backpackers and it all starts to get a little boring. The best thing though is you get to meet some amazing people around if you do a bit of scouting… you make your own fun and all that. I think I might be just bitter because we have had mostly shi*ty weather while we have been here too. Anyway here are some highlights from Oz:

Cairns – beautiful place. Go to the Woolshed a few times then get away and do something else!

Byron Bay – the hippy vibe still lingers in Byron Bay and it makes for a great atmosphere. Head out to Nimbin (hippy village) and try the ‘special’ cookies they have there. You wont regret it.
Also look for a hostel called Arts Facotory in Byron. Its a great hostel with a games room, table tennis, gardens, animals roaming about and a its own cinema and bar!

Sydney – you have to go to Kings Cross its a lot of fun. touts everywhere offering you anything and everything. Just be careful!

Anyway thats enough from me for now. Thanks for reading and please post any comments or questions. Bye for now,

Lunny 😀

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