General Travel Tips: Part 2

Greyhound in America- If you go to the USA, be wary of using the Greyhound buses. They are smelly, dirty and full of dodgy people. Especially if you are alone. Try and avoid them if possible. (the greyhound is much, much better in Australia)

ATM Card- Try and get one of those Nationwide cards before you come away. they dont charge you to take money out overseas, unlike all the others. I estimate that a day and a half works worth of my money has been wasted on ATM charges. Very annoying! (I’m with HSBC)

Book hostels ahead- Always try and book ahead. Me and my mates are stupid enough to turn up at places at the height of the high season and be turned away. Also, listen to word of mouth with hostels…. this is where you’ll learn about which places have bedbugs, cockroaches etc.

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