The end of the line….

As some of you have read on the Nonsense board (thread: Hi everybody!), I was very sad to be back home from my travels. But I have come to realise that I achieved what I wanted to on my trip around the world…. and have seen an impressively large chunk of the world in only 4 months. I am proud that we got through our trip with no major problems, and managed to make lots of new friends while experiencing places that many will never go to in their lives. Since I got back, so many of my friends have said they wish they had done what we had done. This should tell anyone who is not sure whether to take a year out after school that this is the best opportunity of your life to go travelling, while nothing is tying you down and you are younger.

Anyway…… thanks to anyone who has been reading my diary, and I apologise for not getting the chance to write in it more. Hope you enjoyed what I have written anyway, and if anybody has any questions about my travels feel free to PM me.

Now to carry on planning my next trip…. 😉

Over and out, Lunny 😀

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