A wander around Paris part 1

A Wander around Paris

I remember vividly my first visit to Paris, I was ten year olds being dragged around by parents to various sites in a 24 hour crazy dash to see everything and be everywhere. We saw a few sights briefly and then popped into a car onto Disney Land, which in my little eyes was far superior to anything that Paris could offer me.  How wrong I was. There is something about Paris which is just magical and every time I go into this city, I always leave with a Cheshire cat sized smile on my face.   

It is probably a combination of factors which makes this tangible inspirational aura which seems to surround every street that you walk down, but the most obvious reasons for me are the architecture and the history.  Each building acts as a reminder of all the people that have walked through these streets before you as each one has some sort of story to tell.

The most obvious example of this is the Louvre which was where my wander began. The sheer size of the building is awe inspiring and the modern iconic triangles make you feel as if you have walked directly into the Da Vinci code.

Opposite the Louvre over a roundabout is the Arc de Carrousel, which I am going to be honest I had never heard of before.  It is so pretty.  It does not have the size of some of the other Arc’s in Paris, but despite this, it holds its own against the Louvre and adds an extra something to the already magnifique plaza. 

Hope you enjoyed-Ohlalalydia xxxx

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