WHAT A F*****G DAY – Day 6 (3rd December)

WHAT A  F*****G DAY!!! Hope I didn’t give anything away.
Today was the beginning of our trekking into the wilderness of the Los Torres mountains and marked the start to what we hoped would be some serious exploring. However, the day started in true teenage fashion and more specifically the chaotic way that i tend to bring to the party. The early morning start fashioned many moans and groans, a quick flash breakfast and a major rush to get the bus, all ultimately ending in a sneaky cab ride. Thankfully the bus was very comfortable and allowed for a quick power nap and I awoke to some of the most beautiful views I’d ever seen, featuring mountainous rocks and countryside that make the Cotswolds look very mediocre.

Inevetiably, as the morning developed, so did the problems, firstly having to buy a 20 quid waterproof bag cover (yes it was raining, and worse still the discovery we had only brought the cover of the tent, rendering the poles and pegs pretty useless, despite mine and benj’s best efforts to make a den. Cue a state of mild panic, stress and chill. From benj, el and me respectively. We weren’t defeated though, and after renting a tent and dumping our stuff, we set off on the 20 mile round trip to the 3 points of Cuernos. Obviously we got lost a few times along the way, all within about 10 minutes, but eventually we were firmly in motion and on track to make it back in times for dinner.
As my many pictures indicate, the hike took us through excruciating hills, excillerating valleys and raucous rivers, which all culminated in some of the most spectacular views I will ever see, and made for a very difficult decision of what picture to instagram for the day. All others made it only onto my snapchat. The winner was yet to come however, and was at the end of a steep, rocky path that took us up thousands of feet in such a short distance. This really felt like true exploring, and allowed for some mental selfies, including one off the biggest boulder this world can surely create. 1 hour later and we made it , and still not expecting what was to come, we climbed over there remaining wall of rocks and discovered the startling and magnificent glacier that sat behind them. Although I can’t possibly describe to you the view i was looking at, it rendered me speechless, giving you an idea of just how beautiful this place was. The three points, as they are known in Chile, pearced the layer of cloud like daggers, sitting on top of a bright blue lake, which was surrounded by mountains of all different kinds, and started to the furrouscious river that ran right through the mountains we had conquered. A panaroma was extremely compulsory.
However, what goes up has to come down, and unfortunately that included us, and we soon began the long trek back to camp. A few hours of speedy descents and long breaks later, we stumbled back to our tent, only to find Claudia was there waiting for us with a tent. I heroically decided to stay in the other tent until it was set up, and eventually the three of us could collapse onto some nice dry ground. We had made it. Dinner was bait of a led down, but filled me up nonetheless, and sent us all into a state of ‘monging’ which singnalled bed time. I repeat, WHAT A FUCKING DAY!
Although at times I wanted to roll back down the hill, jump on a plane and collapse in my own bed, I can’t explain how glad I am we made it to the top, and how grateful I am to Chile for providing such an undescribably beautiful place, and a top insta photo.
Shoutout to the fox and bird that stopped and posed for photos and matter of metres away. Incredible.

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