Age is Not an Excuse When Travelling to London

“London is a Roost for Every Bird” – Benjamin Disraeli wrote this more than 2 centuries ago. But, even today, London proves it true by happily catering to families, senior travellers, couples, and as well as teens. Whether you are planning a backpacking trip, a trip with your soul mate or even a family trip with your grandparents, London has something for everyone. Despite it being a home to modern marvels and adventurous spots, still it is one of the most senior-friendly cities hosting a variety of low stress activities.

Why do people in their 50’s or 60’s think they are old? This question is surely pop-up in your mind once you explore this city. From royal parks and gardens to traditional theatres and museums, the city has so much to offer that you need to extend your trip to explore its magnificence. Here are some of the things to do, attractions to visit, and days out in London that are perfect for all ages, especially seniors.

Explore the best of London with the Cycle Tour
Many of the city’s top attractions and hidden gems are best to be explored with bi-cycles. Perfect for active seniors, these cycle tours include a lot more quirky information that will surely amuse and surprise you. Considering the safety of senior travellers, these tours use back streets, hidden passages, riverside routes, and park lanes. Richmond to Hampton Court, Paddington to Hayes and Kennington to Richmond Park are some cycle routes that are perfect for beginners and experts. Therefore, if you are looking for a different, insider view into dazzling London, then look no further than this casual journey.

Meet the Animals at City’s Farms
When travelling in a bustling city like London, it seems impossible to meet the farm animals. But, the capital has no shortage of farms that are just close to those sky-kissing buildings. Mudchute, Hackney, and Surrey Docks are some of the best farms, where you can meet the rabbits, let the sheep eat out of your hand, and see some rare-breed pigs and cows. To add extra flair to your experience, these farms have in-house cafes so that you can savour a delicious tea or coffee while meeting the farm animals.

Low Stress Activities at City’s Royal Parks and Gardens
One of the best things about London is its royal parks, gardens, and open areas. That is the reason; the city attracts millions of senior travellers every year. If you love walking in a leisurely way, you can visit the Kensington Gardens to witness the statue of legendary Peter Pan or take a trip to a Senior Playground in Hyde Park. These parks offer a number of leisure activities including outdoor swimming, horse riding, cycling, and much more. For the history buff, don’t miss to visit the Greenwich Park, which is also home to world heritage site.

Enjoy a Spin on the London Eye
This famous Ferris wheel standing over the Thames at Waterloo is a globally recognised attraction and offers one of the best views over Central London. The attraction is situated within the easy walking distance from Waterloo Tube station. Its giant ride proves the statement that no London trip would be complete without a spin on the London eye. While enjoying magnificent views over London, you can also enjoy a range of tea, coffee, cocktails, and snacks at Zen Cafe.

Stumble Across London Zoo and Aquarium
London Zoo is not just the world’s oldest scientific zoo – it’s also home to 755 species of animals. Located on 36 acres of land at Regent’s Park, London, this zoo is perfect for animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. To make your visit a little special, the zoo offers a VIP animal encounter. You can meet and feed the penguins, giraffes and other animals by booking a VIP experience. Besides, the zoo has some of the popular attractions like The Reptile House, Giants of the Galápagos, Penguin Beach, and more.

If marine life is your interest, then London Aquarium is probably what you would like to visit. This sprawling aquarium, which can be found on the South Bank, is home to jumpy gentoo penguins, Cuban crocs, sharks, and other fishes. This water-world is perfect for fish fans and attracts millions of travellers every year. The main draw of this place is the Shark Walk and piranhas feeding.

Offbeat Tours to See London
If you are looking for offbeat ways to travel, then it is time to explore the city from the river Thames. From tranquil river bus to high-speed RIB tours, the city’s waterways have something for everyone. Beloved of Londoners, city cruises are also a perfect way to ride through the heart of the city. They work on a hop-on, hop-off basis, enabling you to enjoy a great one-day travel by river. If city cruises don’t attract you much, then London Duck Tours will surely fulfil your travel needs. Perfect for all ages, these quirky tours start in a dry land from Chicheley Street and then, later on, take a slipway down into the river Thames.

Don’t Miss the World’s Best Heritage Sites
London is home to 4 Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO as being of particular cultural or physical worth. Step back in time with a historic castle Tower of London, which is famous for its crown jewels and ravens story. You can also explore Westminster Abbey, which is a huge, mainly Gothic, church in the City of Westminster.

And if you are a science geek, then there’s nothing more interesting than Maritime Greenwich. This place is home to Royal Observatory (prime meridian of the world) and the Cutty Sark (world’s last surviving tea clipper ship). For those who believe history is not their thing, they can recharge their batteries at Kew Gardens.

Salute the Royal London
If royalty is your fascinated fetish, then get ready to sample the real lives of the Kings and Queens. From majestic ceremonial dresses and crown jewels to luxurious stately rooms and museums, London has something for every traveller. Visit the Buckingham Palace to see the official home and principal workplace of the British monarch.

While visiting the palace, don’t forget to check out the Royal Mews, which is working stable and home to historic collection of coaches and carriages. Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, and Kew Palace are some of the best historic royal palaces. With a visit to these attractions and you are sure to get a real feel for the life of the British royal family.

Senior travellers also get exclusive discounts at city’s famous attractions like London Eye, ZSL Zoo, Tower of London, and many more. However, don’t forget to carry your ID’s while visiting these places.

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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