How to Live In London on a Student Budget

How many of you think that studying abroad is a great idea? And, how many of you actually feel that it’s not worth spending too much money? Well, let’s accept it, everyone of us, given an opportunity would fancy studying at University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Yale, Harvard, and so on.

Every one of us dreams to do something great in life, and to study in one of these universities is as if our dream comes true. If you have plans to study in a city like London, then surely do your homework before arriving in the capital.

Don’t worry, there are lot of ways to cut down your costs. Follow these money saving tips and enjoy your student life in London. These tips will surely help you to cut the extra load from your pocket so that you enjoy the city to its fullest.

Before You Arrive
Don’t worry, if you haven’t got a permanent address in the city. You still have an option to stay in hotels, or share an apartment in London. If you don’t have any relative or friend in London, then book your accommodation before you arrive in the city.

Browse the web and search for sites like,, and Most of these sites offer cheap, bed and breakfast accommodations that are perfect for students coming to London. Crack a deal with them for your initial stay and start searching a fine adobe from their on. Trust me, most accommodations with them will come within your budget.

When in London
Living in London can cost you dear. As a student, you may not have large amounts of cash to throw around. If you are studying in a university such as London School of Economics and Political Science, here are some handy tips that help the student loan go further and still manage to have some fun while you’re doing it:

1. Get an Oyster Card
First thing first, when in London, you should get an Oyster Card for local travel. These ‘Pay As You Go’ Oyster Cards are ideal way to cut your travel expenses on the tubes and buses. You don’t have to fill a form, you don’t have to register, and you don’t need a photo. Pay a small deposit, and refund it from any tube station when you finish your stay in the city.

With an Oyster Card, you can make as many journeys on the tube and buses as you want. This ‘Pay As You Go’ card will charge you less than the price of One Day Bus Pass or a Day Travelcard.

These Oyster Cards not only give you cheaper travel, but also help you to save money on London attractions. You can actually get cheap discounts on watching West End shows, restaurants, and museums.

For more information on student discounts, please visit –

2. Mobile Apps To Get
There is a bunch of mobile apps you can use to make your stay in London a whole lot easier. Whether you want to stay in touch with your friends and family or finding a restaurant in the local area, you have plenty of options on the web.

Whatsapp – It’s is a perfect app for texting and stay connected.
Viber – It’s is great for texting and free calling.
Zomato – This app uses your current location and helps you find restaurants in the area.
WeHostels – For a weekend getaway, check out this app to find cheap accommodations.
TripAdvisor – This app lists down top attractions, with a short description, and gives info like how much does it costs.

3. Buy Experiences, Not Things
It’s a great idea to think how you would spend your time and money in a foreign country. You can have an amazing abroad experience, if you spend money on travelling, tours, and trying new destinations and food. You will always remember new places and the lovely travel experience than buying a T-shirt or sweater in London.

4. Hit Charity Shops for Clothes, Books, and Everything Else
London has a wealth of charity shops. You will find textbooks from ex-students, a great selection of clothes, DVDs, games, and everything else you need at affordable prices.

5. Visit What’s Free
London has a reputation of being an expensive city. But sightseeing in the city doesn’t cost you dear. There are many free London attractions out there, which you shouldn’t miss as a student. From Old Royal Naval College to Science Museum and Natural History Museum, there is a long list of free destinations, which could actually inspire you to take your studies to new heights! When in London don’t miss free art galleries, free music, free festivals, and free street shows. They all will add up to your experience as a student in London.

It is not difficult to save up some cash while you are on a study trip to London. Just plan your budget with these ideas and shed all your worries regarding your budget.

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