My experience in West Des Moines

I spent a lot of time looking for West Des Moines apartments. I think I must have visited every apartment complex and private rental in the area. If you’re not familiar with West Des Moines, it’s maybe sixty thousand people, give or take, the second biggest city in the Des Moines metropolitan area. It’s also the tenth biggest city in the state. Money magazine included it in one of their “one hundred best places to live” listings a few years back, and that’s significant because the city also ranks highly as a place to start a business. I knew, when I was looking for a place to live, that I wanted to locate my business close to where I was going to live, but I also knew that I wanted to stay close to West Des Moines if I could. I just didn’t want to move out of the area.

West Des Moines apartments were important to me because of everything the city has to offer, including a high median income and an economy I could see myself starting my business in. Some of the businesses in the area include Iowa Foundation for Medical Care, ADP, Wells Fargo Card Services and their Mortgage division, and top employers like Target, MetLif, Aviva, and the FBL Financial Group. There was so much going on here that West Des Moines apartments were the only ones I looked at when I started my search.

Did you know that a survey conducted by Gallup determined that West Des Moines is the number 8 city in the nation in terms of citizen satisfaction? The survey looked at how satisfied people were with where they lived over a two-year period, in over 30 metro areas. By way of contrast, the Rockford Illinois area ranked dead last, with an unemployment rate over 12 percent. Stockton California was also low; you may remember that the city had to file for bankruptcy. Compared to these low marks, West Des Moines is a shining jewel among places to live in the country. Gallup’s survey also covered things like citizen optimism, and as you can imagine, people living in this thriving area, or people like me who want West Des Moines apartments, also ranked very high on the optimism index.

If that’s not enough for you, something called “Area Development Magazine” says that West Des Moines is number 29 of the top 100 locations to live in the United States. And Forbes magazine named the area number one for professionals in the 24-24 age range, when comparing a number of economic standards including the local rate of job growth, per capita small business, cost of living, and others.

I just love this area. I can’t imagine ever moving, now that I have found an apartment that satisfies me. West Des Moines is an incredible place to live and work. In a world where there is so much bad news and so many places to live that are less than great, finding a location like this has made all the difference.

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