The Begining

Well I've never written a blog before, so this is a bit intimidating! Let me start from where I am right now, before I explain where I'm heading… Seems logical?
Okay. So. I am a matric student in Cape Town, South Africa. Nearly finished with high school. Literally, NEARLY finished; I write my last final exam on the 22 November and then I am FREE! Words can not describe how excited I actually am.
It's a bit ridiculous really, but you only finish school once, it is totally acceptable! Haha. The only thing is that my folks put me into school a year early, meaning that I will matriculate when I am 17.
It's not a big deal really. It just means that I will spend the first 4 months of my gap year close to home. But seeing as I live in Cape Town, that's really not a big problem in my life. I'll head off to Durban to visit my best friend for New Years and then Mozambique to scuba for a while, maybe get a job waitressing to earn some cash.
Really, what a hard life? South Africa in the summer. More like a holiday than a pain.

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