What a Day!!

Woke up this morning thinking ‘oh what a happy day’ as the Bhoys had a good victory last night and i had a day off that has been my idea of heaven for the last few years lol but the day was to get better

Went downstairs and rummaged through the mail was delighted to see that a cheque had arrived from my insurance policy which i had surrendered a few weeks ago. Was expecting to get around 600 quid but to my utter delight i got a cheque for 792.08 😀 😀 that made me rather pleased lol

Then went in to STA to change a date on my itinery to discover that my Tickets had arrived yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh although couldnt get them until i had a passport foto for my Youth Card btw was delighted to discover i am still classed as a ‘Youth’ at age 25 that cheered me no end lol

So i traipsed round to the foto booth at Queen St Station only to discover i didnt have any change so there went the formalities of battling my way in line at wh smith (i hate that place) finally got my money in order, sat in the booth got the piccys done waited and waited for my pics to arrive but alas no then a bloke walked by and said it was broke. Argggggggggg if 2 of Scotlands Finest hadnt been behind me i was seriously contemplating physical violence on the retched machine. Anyway found another booth working this time thank the lord and finally got my pics although it had cost me 7 quid by then which i was not amused by at all.

Finally went and got my tickets and was over the moon and getting very excited and decided to pop along to the Round the World talk in Glasgow and i am only just back in at the mo. Was actually very interesting and got a free beer as well 😀 So all in all a good day was had.

Unfortunatley back to work tommorow 😥

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