Change of Plans

Back to STA today and decided to postpone my trip for six months 😥

Was very unhappy about having to do it but really didnt have much of a choice as financially to leave in June would be rather stupid to say the least, i definitley misbudgeted in my original itinery so no choice but to work for another six months and go then.

Anna from STA was really helpful though she cancelled my flights and rearranged my leaving date to September 4th. It seems so far away at the mo but just have to keep working and saving, would really hate to go in june and realise i didnt have enough money to do anything but work while i am in OZ this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i dont want to spend every minute of it working , i would be as well staying here. So a few more grand in the bank should make things easier and far more enjoyable.

although it has cost me around 250 quid to change everything which was a bit of a bummer to say the least

Feeling rather depressed at the mo 😥

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