Elvis Impersonators, Portuguese Men and Piccidilly Circus

Well hard to believe but i am actually in London yes not so great think a lot of people but for a Glasgow Girl like me its amazing. The bright lights of London has been really exciting. I am currently sitting in a Internet cafe in Burger King in Piccidilly Circus and if my dad knew he would go mental as i promised him i would be in my room by about six oclock at night.

I left Glasgow yesterday got a bit emotional at the airport as i wasnt going to see my family for a year, me and my family have been through a lot together and it was hard to leave them, my brother got rather emotional which i expected as he is a very emotional person whereas i am more kind of aloof. When i was standing waiting for the flight i got talking to 2 American Elvis Impersonators who were asking me about what i had bought in the Celtic shop it appears they are Celtic Fans which was amazing!!!

Just pretty much sat in the hotel in the boiling heat yesterday trying to sort things out in my head and trying to get used to the idea that i am actually on my gap year after all the planning over the last 10 months.

Today was fun though did a bit of shopping and hung about the Regent Street Festival which was really cool like a street party we dont have these in Glasgow unless Celtic or Rangers win the League lol

I am more settled today as i was all over the place yesterday last night when i was in my hotel room i was starting to have second thoughts and wondering how i would cope without my family and my reason for living my West Highland Terrior Lubo, but i feel better today and know this is the start of an incredible adventure over the next year.

Anyway more updates tommorow

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