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Melissa aka The Eventualists Coleman


Khayelitsha, Cape Town

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Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Portugal

Antarctica, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine

After volunteering in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, I will be driving from London to Mongolia passing through about 14 countries en route!

Don't let anyone dictate to you - it's your trip of a lifetime so live it!

An uneventful, hotel based, beach holiday on an island just off the island of Cuba turned out to be the complete opposite when on day 2 we got bored ... After being approached by a middle aged Canadian guy, whom we named "Frank", asking us if we wanted to join him in his hire car across the other side of the island we were a little surprised and completely adamant that we would not be travelling around the hotel with him let alone hundreds of miles in the confines of his vehicle ... we had nick named him Frank for a reason; certain similarities to Frankenstein were unnerving. Less than 24 hours later, bored out of our wits and sickened by the stupidity & embarrassment from stereotypical 'Brits Abroad' we found Frank and took him up on his offer. My friend & I spent all night learning our emergency code word system JUST IN CASE he turned out to be the psycho nutjob we had first thought ... Next morning we were packed up and ready to go for a 7 day trip first driving from Cayo Coco across to Cienfuegos where, although we had the offer to stay in his hotel room ... we politely declined and stayed in a local 'casa' down the road. When we heard his story of chasing the poor made around the room wearing just his briefs, whilst impersonating a bear, we were starting to wonder what we had let ourselves in for. Luckily my friend and I are avid explorers and adventurists, seeking new people (!) & experiences wherever we go. With this in mind we set about getting the next bus out of there to go up to Havana. Somehow we had managed to book another 'casa' which was owned by the grandmother of one of the waiters in the hotel we had left Frank in back in Cienfuegos! A rather random link but one which worked out to be extremely successful, albeit slightly difficult to locate - even for the local taxi driver! Our short week in Havana left us with so many memories and stories galore. For example, our rickshaw tour of the town ended up with our 'guide' cycling us out of town through rather dodgy back alleys for a couple of hours before we demanded he stopped and we got out having no idea where we were or how to get back but banking on the fact e were just heading further away from the city highlights! We eventually managed to get round most of the sights, sup a few cocktails and try our tongue at the beautiful language and it was time to head back to crazy Frank all too soon. Right up until the moment he drove us up to the hotel we were wondering if we would actually make it - we had visions or horrific news stories ... you can imagine I am sure! Obviously once we were back we felt incredibly guilty for having ever doubted him and decided that maybe he was just rather lonely. So what had started out to be a unique (for us) beach bum holiday of doing nothing but swimming, sauntering and sunbathing ending up being a rather thrill seeking, cross country trekking expedition which I wouldn't change for the world! Thanks Frank!

Theft in Johannesburg – any one surprised?!


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