• A Jumpy Evening!

I’ve just had my first injury in South Africa; nothing TOO serious you’ll be pleased to hear.

I was just putting away my washing up from last night, specifically the large frying pan within which I as extremely brave last night and concocted my very own spaghetti bolognaise from scratch, when it slipped off the pile of precariously balanced Tupperware style containers inside the cupboard making me lurch towards it hands out stretched to save the wretched thing and cheese grating the end of my little finger in the process! Of course, there are many lessons to learn from this, and I am sure none of them will enter my head after this evening. After wincing slightly and telling it what I thought of it I continued to place said pan upon said precarious pile but this time moving the cheese grater to the other side of the cupboard; out of harms way.

After nursing my wound I thought I would just pop outside to have a glance at the beautiful sun setting down behind the shacks that are the ‘poor’ side of Khayelitsha, ‘on the other side of New Way’! Just standing outside my door, within the compound of the children’s home – a brief and peaceful three minutes it really should have been, when a gang (for want of a better word) meandered past yelling and yooping. I was a little surprised when a stone landed at my feet. This is the first time anyone outside of the walls has noticed me up by my door so it was a complete shock and I felt I should just go in and hide! Little did I know that this would not deter the offender who proceeded to make me jump on average once every 30 minutes for the next 2.5 hours by crashing stones up to the windows …

This is my first time visiting South Africa so I didn’t really know what to expect. Even though I knew I was coming to the second largest squatter camp in the country, I still wasn’t prepared to actually not be allowed off the premises, have double layers of bars across the windows and a “burglar” protecting the door! (A burglar is a mesh consetina metal door to be locked when the sun goes down.)

I was however forewarned about the local pub being located directly behind my flat and that on Friday nights it may get a little rowdy; it’s a Friday night so wish me luck!

The sun has now gone down, I have closed my curtains, turned the TV on and will now endeavour to battle my way through the stack of meat and carbohydrates I was given earlier …

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