• No chance of dieting then!

I am working as a project assistant at Baphumelele Waldorf Association, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, whereby I am promoting their ‘income generating projects’ in order for the charity to one day be self sufficient.
I got into the office and at my desk by 9am having had a yoghurt, nectarine and some grapes – a nice healthy start to the day and a successful 3rd morning of “dieting”. By 9.20 the chef, had popped by with a plate in each hand of which I didn't take much notice as I assumed he wouldn't be heading my way. He headed my way. Then a plate full of the most intricately designed, semi radioactive looking pastries and cupcakes (6 in total) was placed in front of me. I assumed it was for the whole office to share (about 5 or so staff today) but oh no no, each staff member was delivered the luminous surprise. The guy opposite me, had a little look at mine and trundled off out of the door. A minute or so later he was back stating “I have chosen my own cakes seeing as I was ignored!” and showed me his plate of about 8 or 10!
At 12 midday a plate of rather skinny, Cumberland style sausages (boerewors) was brought into the front office with some bread and people proceeded to make little sausage butties – obviously just to keep them going until the REAL lunch!
I had been pre warned that lunch was taken at approximately 3pm, which I thought was going to be really hard (seeing as I am used to my stomach demanding a strict 1pm eating time at home!). When the pre plated lunches were delivered and I was called to join them, my eyes nearly popped out of my head! The plate, which I struggled to carry with one hand, was crammed to the brim with the equivalent of 4 meals (as I was later to find out!). This included half a chicken, 3 of the skinny sausages I had seen previously, a ‘lump’ of lamb (grissle, fat, bone and all), a generous dollop of potato salad with a bucket full of mayonnaise on, a portion of tuna pasta salad and at last – one of my five a day; beetroot. It was suggested that I might want to take some back up to my flat so have for dinner later … seeing as I had already had my lunch at ‘normal’ lunch time, I did so with immediate effect.
Later on that evening I re plated the food … into three portions to freeze and one for my dinner; lamb and potato salad.
I also have 3 cakes left in a paper bag in the fridge …
Will I go home after 6 months skinny because I feel nauseous at the sight of so much food or will I get carried away in the ways of South Africa and go home rather rotund with a nice big bottom?!
Watch this space!

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