Statistics, words & sayings and a top tip!

After several updates and blogs through email and website I thought it time for another round of statistics and general observations.

Don’t forget to absorb all info as there may well be a little test as I near the end of my time here … just to make sure you’ve been paying attention and it’s sinking in!

106 children waiting patiently in their art room.

Statistics after 87 days living in the township:
Sleepless nights: 1
Sun/heat stroke attack: 1
Regular TV soaps following: Isidingo, SABC3
First new vegetable to poke though: broccoli
First new vegetable to harvest: tomato
Average number of children visiting my door each night: 6

Words & sayings slightly altered in translation:
‘Plastic’ = carrier bag
‘Exackle’ = exactly
‘Coming now/here now’ = will be back in a minute
‘and what what’ = etc etc/and so on

Top tip:
If you are defrosting spring onion’s do not put them in a bowl of water to speed the process up

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