… here i am, arranging to do something i want to do, something i know i will enjoy

i’ve dropped out of uni (twice) cuz it stresses me out, i never get on well with bosses, i can barely cope to work full time as i hate it and i don’t want to work until i’m 65 then have ten years to relax and enjoy life when i’m all wrinkly and poo myself… that’s what old people do, right?

i see everyone around me, people i care about, getting married, starting careers, getting a house and a car … i can’t even drive. and i don’t fucking need to, so why would i?! because everyone else does? nuts to that! all these things, they’re just a waste of true potential. why have the things you don’t want? why not have the things you do want? who’s to stop me? and why?! it’s all there, waiting for me to grab it.

i’m going to australia for a year, maybe two. i want to get away from my surroundings and everything i’m familiar with. sure, i’ll have to get a job if i’m to be there for that long, but that’s not a problem. it’ll be worth it, i’ll make sure of that. i want to find happiness… is it cheesey to say i want to find myself?! where better than the other side of the planet, the furthest i can feasably go from the current me…

i’ll keep my chin up, i’ll keep working at orange, maybe do the odd bit of overtime. i’ve even stopped eating meat to save enough to get into oz! i really want this to happen. i’ll have saved enough by september/october

LIFE, here i come!

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