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Most common online casino welcome offers


Most common online casino welcome offers

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Welcome offers are a great way for an online casino to draw in new customers and retain any of their existing ones. Online casino welcome offers are also helpful in getting players the best value for their money which is an important aspect for any kind of casino player.


Especially in the early days of their gambling journey, it’s important that the minimum amount of cash is spent while players are still learning the gambling ropes. It can be all too easy to jump in head first without really taking the time to check how deep the water is beforehand. That’s where the new slot sites welcome offers come in.


What exactly is a welcome offer?


An online casino welcome offer, otherwise known as a new welcome offer, is a common form of bonus that an online casino will give players that join up with them. A welcome offer is in place to reel in new customers and keep them there.


The first objective is achieved by the online casino by having a great welcome bonus and the second is achieved by this being or creating better value for the newbie’s money. A new welcome offer can sometimes be in the form of a new player bonus, a first deposit bonus or a sign-up bonus.


What can you get with a welcome offer?


With a great welcome offer, it will usually be in the form of a 100 per cent match up to a particular amount normally specified by the online casino. In many instances, the welcome offer will give players a 100 per cent bonus up to £100.


Meaning a £100 deposit will give you a £100 bonus and a total of £200 to play with. Again though, this varies. Some welcome bonuses range from 50 per cent and go right up to 500 per cent, however most commonly it’s 100 per cent. If your bonus is above 200 per cent read the Ts and Cs with great care.


How to get your very own welcome offer


It’s really easy to get your own welcome offer. All you have to do, in most usual circumstances, is join your chosen online casino. It’s a good idea to shop around first and carefully read the terms and conditions to make sure you pick an online casino that has the best offer out there that you can get.


When you’ve chosen your online casino, all you then have to do is sign up to it. Once you’ve signed up and become a member of the chosen online casino then you can begin to take advantage of the bonus offer that is available with it.


It’s a good idea to go for the most common online casino which has a 100 per cent bonus up to £100 as it usually comes with the most fair terms and conditions. However, everyone is different and what works for some won’t for others. Just remember the best welcome bonus – to have fun.

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