Top 10 places I’ve had sex around the world

Sex and backpacking go hand in hand. A lot like rum and coke. You’re young, free, without the stress of the ‘real world’ and spending heaps of time in beautiful places, surrounded by beautiful people and in various states of undress.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt on the road having worked in various hostels it’s that the above scenario results in heaps of hormones, and combined with partying and alcohol it results in a lot of spooning and more…it’s glorious chaos!

But where the hell do you have sex as a backpacker? Well the answer to that is pretty unlimited! Here’s a list of my top 10 places to have sex on the road – with a little help from the residents of my current hostel!

We had a great time putting together this list and thought it the perfect idea to set up a blog on here to record our findings. I’m going to be writing about my sexcapades around the world. Already got plenty of material, no worries! 

Without a doubt beach sex was always going to be top of the list. Under the stars, the sound of the ocean, maybe a beach ?re – it all makes for a great place to get some nookie. Just make sure you bring a towel because sand gets EVERYWHERE!

Sex in hostels isn’t the best option on the list – but hostel showers on the other hand provide some degree of privacy, and lets save the planet and share some water – multi tasking at it’s best!

I haven’t actually had sex in a hammock (yet), but it strikes me as a pretty amusing place to have sex on the road. And lets face it whats more tropical than a hammock?

Kindly recommended by my new room mate Gijs. As a backpacker you spend an awful lot of time moving around, why not kill time on that 15-hour sleeper train by “sleeping around” a bit?

I’d never met any Scandinavian girls until the trip I’m on now, and they fully live up to their stereotype; drop dead gorgeous and amazing people to talk with 😉

I spent most of my time in Cairns partying with a lovely lady, breaking into a 5 star hotel swimming pool drunk at 3am. That was one of the most interesting nights I’ve ever had on the road!

Occasionally on the backpacker trail 10 bed hostel dorms become too much and you need some downtime and personal space. Sharing that personal space and boning away until your hearts content always makes for good times!

The lovely Liza who’s sat beside me chipped in with this recommendation for sex on the road – it’s interesting to say the least! I’ve fooled around in an elevator, but full on sex?! High ?ve Liza (ED: get her to contribute the story!)

I’m a massive fan of camping and tent sex is good fun – albeit slightly cramped and sweaty! Just remember that although people can’t see you, tents are far from soundproof. Ask anyone in the Arts Factory in Byron Bay!

Overlooking the beach, overlooking a beautiful city, generally it’s a rush because there’s the risk you can get caught. Balconies aren’t just for hanging out your washing anymore! Nor are they just for baby-dangling!

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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