My Best Kept Secret

My best kept secret is that i am in fact a parseltongue (that is right Harry Potter fans, I can speak to animals…and not just snakes!)

In the Cook Islands this will enable to get the most out of the experience. I shall be able to discuss all manner of things with all creatures, whether furry or scaly and get their opinions on what it is like to live and visit the place. For this reason I believe I will be able to get more out of winning the trip than anyone else. 

Some of you may not actually believe that I have this skill, even my friends. But that is becuase until now I have kept it a secret!

To give you an idea of what some converstions may be like in the Cook Islands, here is how I imagine them going….

*obviously this sea lion is not very good at grammar, I am sure he means ‘you’re’

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