Travelling by myself for the second time


I already did my gap year in 2010-2011, but i feel the need to travel again! (Pardon my english, I’m Norwegian).

The thing is, the last time I travelled, I litterally booked the ticket two weeks before I left, giving me little time to worry about meeting people etc, and I also had absolutely nothing planned. I went to Sydney on a one-way ticket with intentions of working, and ended up meeting awesome people at my hostel who included me in the journey of a life time. We went from Cairns and down to Melbourne, where I met another travelbuddy, and did NZ with him.

My concern is… Do things always work out that smoothly? Does it usually require more planning?

I want to travel by myself again (read: not with friends from home) but I’m actually more worried this time that I won’t meet people.

I’m also uncertain as to where I should go. I just figure Oz is so safe, as there are so many travellers, I’m certain to meet someone to travel with. But on the other hand, I want to experience a new continent.
Any advice as to where its safe to travel by myself? And also, where it’s good to travel, as in east coast-good?

 I’m contemplating travelling again in a year or so. Either from June 2013, or dec 2013. I’m in scool, so these things require planning to get a semester/year off:)

If anyone are thinking the same thing: I’m 21, girl, from Oslo. I’m pretty easy going, love to go out for a drink, watersports etc. LOVE the hostel-life.

Any advice??

I appreciate any words of wisedom!

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