After a boat trip from hell I’m in Chiang Mai, via Bangkok

I’m in Bangkok now, after the boat ride from hell…

The seas on my trip back to the mainland were particularly choppy and our boat was pitching from side to side quite violently. I felt like I went green pretty quick and it was a tense 90mins as I tried to keep my stomach in check with steady breathing. Obviously Japanese tourists do not have the same intestinal fortitude as us Brits because as we exited the boat it was plain to see that the boat cleaners would be earning their money that day.

It was horrendous, so glad I didn’t spew.

Was so hapy when we arrived in Bangkok finally.

Bangkok is crazy, as soon as we got off the bus near Khao San Road all manner of touts and agents were gunning for us onto get into their tuk-tuk, come to their guesthouse or ‘ping pong’ show.

It took me a while to find my digs down a lively side street but I made it and went out to explore Khao San Road. It was absolutely packed with tourists, vendors selling edible scorpions, pad Thai stalls and of course a heap of bars.

I used a number of different modes of public transport in Bangkok such as the express river boat and sky train which at peak times were so densely packed you could not move. I also used taxis which are fine during the day, as they use the meter and an hour long drive might only cost 100 baht (NZ$4), including a tip for the driver. However, at night the sharks come out and the drivers refuse to use the meter. They would attempt to get you to pay 4 or 5 hundred baht for a short trip and when you say ‘no, put the meter on’, they just drive off in disgust! I just had to laugh.

One of the more interesting places I’ve been here was a proper snake farm where they manufacture anti venom. Thailand has around 25 species of poisonous snakes so its a necessity to have anti venom. I missed the ‘milking’ but we did see the main show where they rolled out Cobras, Pythons and other big snakes. Thankfully they left the spitting Cobras in their cage.

I’m in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand now. I slogged it up here on a ten hour overnight bus, arriving this morning. Definitely a day to chill out tomorrow, before I get on with the next adventure! 

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