And Back to Delhi Again…

Eighteen hours on a train… I bet you are thinking ‘Yuck, that sounds awful!’, but actually it wasn’t so bad.

The journey from Jaisalmer to New Delhi may have been long, but all in all it was quite enjoyable. I could only really afford a seat on the train, but it was ok. I feel like I’m used to it now. I just spent the time reading, sleeping and chatting/playing cards with a few of the people who’d come on the train from the camel safari in Jaisalmer. The time went pretty fast and before I knew it I was back in the madness of Delhi – although this time I was a lot better prepared! I’ve definitely got used to the way of India and how you should act and be here. 

I made the mission from the train station back to Paharganj, to find a hostel. I was tempted to book into a nicer hotel to freshen up and stuff, but I just really need to keep an eye on my budget for these last few days or I’ll be annoyed at myself when I get home and have no money. 

Once I’d got all my stuff sorted I went out to have a look around Delhi for the second time. It’s amazing the difference three weeks in India made to my tolerance of the city – I walked through it like an old pro. It was much more comfortable than when I first arrived, that’s for sure!

I went out on the Metro to have a look around the shopping malls and see if I could find a present for my little brother. It was the strangest sight – a huge, dusty field, surrounded by large glitzy malls (and some not so glitzy shopping centers). Outside all of the malls were poorly dressed Indian men and women. Inside the malls were Indians dressed to the nines – what a contrast. Quite disturbing really. 

I’ve got a few more days here just hanging out in Delhi, before my next move. I’ve decided to have a week or so in Sri Lanka before getting my plane home in three weeks. 

I’ve loved my time in India – it had it’s ups and downs, that’s for sure, but overall, it was an incredible experience. India is an amazingly diverse country and was totally worth the visit!

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