Finally made it to Ko Tao – love it here

I’m sitting in a café in Ko Tao eating a delicious pasta while I type this on my phone. I’ve come here to do a diving course to get my PADI and I’m just waiting to make some friends so I thought I’d tell you about my last few days.

I flew here using AirAsia as cheaply as possible, meaning I was in the budget terminal – it was absolute carnage. Anyway I finally made it to Phuket Town, it was pretty simple on the shanty bus. Then I had to get another bus to Kata Beach where I decided to stay. An hour later I was on the beach and chilling out under the sun. After a few days I decided I wanted to get to Koh Samui to hang out with some other backpackers and maybe stay for a while. I got a van where they stuck a sticker on me saying ‘Koh Samui’ and sent me on my way.

At the ferry terminal I had to sit there for two hours until they let me on, not really sure why to be honest but in the end finally I got on. The ferry people tried to scam me into buying food, telling me ‘no food, no boat’. I saw right through them and just walked on. So many scams in this country.

I thought I was going on the huge boat nearby, turns out mine was the skanky little one round the back and further down the pier. I love how they make out like things are big and shiny here, but really they’re small and skanky and hidden behind the glamour.

We were crammed in and our bags were chucked on a pile. It didn’t take long and we were comfortable enough – finally made it to Koh Samui!

It was so nice to relax here and just scoff food. I met some cool people in my hostel and we hung out on the beach. One of the guys bought a guitar and I had a few moments where I just couldn’t believe that this was my life. We were all sat there enjoying a few beers and singing along. It was brilliant.

By day the beach was pretty annoying – people were just trying to sell me things all the time. From ice creams, bikinis, jewellery and sarongs to men holding live monkeys and lizards, they just didn’t leave us alone.

I was sad to leave after my two days there but really excited to go to Ko Tao. I got a ferry which took two hours. It was easy. Kata Beach is amazing. I’ve found a beach bungalow for about a fiver a night, it’s amazing. It’s also a lot more relaxed than the beaches in Koh Samui, I love it!

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