I’m now a certified diver!

The highlight of Koh Tao so far has been completing a scuba dive course. I am now a certified open water diver to a depth of 18m. It was a great 3 day course that included theory, bookwork and 5 open water dives at sites around Koh Tao. The group I was in was super lucky as we had two instructors and 3 students so we got lots of attention. My dive ‘buddy’ was an intrepid German guy called John who is also travelling with his girlfriend Tabitha. We were the epitome of conscientious diving. Our instructor Neil, a wry Scotsman, referred to us as an ‘old married couple’. We definitely had each others back. There were some sweet sights to behold underneath the ocean such as endless colourful, exotic and surprisingly curious fish, an underwater obstacle course at 16m and a blue spotted manta ray we saw hanging out in a gap in some rocks

After blasting my calves underwater, we decided to take it easy on the beach and soak up all the good weather we were enjoying.I genuinely love it here, it’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been. 

Following the dive course, I had two days left on Koh Tao which seem like a bit of a blur of sun, sweat and sand. I made an arduous 1 hour trek around the coast with John and Tabitha to a secluded bay and I got in a few swims each day.

I’m waiting for my journey to Bangkok now – can’t wait to hit Koh San Road! 

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