Partying in Pai

I spent 3 nights in Chiang Mai – it was a pretty cool city. I enjoyed walking around the Old Town and exploring the night bazaar, but the definite highlight was a cooking class I did last night with Baan Thai. I’m now a Thai master chef. I spent 4-5 hours with a group of French Canadians and Germans, learning the ins and outs of authentic Thai cooking. It started with a tour of the fresh food market. So many amazing vegetables and fruits for sale! I tried a mangosteen (a delicious tropical fruit, local to south east Asia) new favourite fruit!

I cooked 4 different meals and saw how an authentic curry paste is made.

It was a great experience. I’m definitely not used to the fast paced cooking style that Thais use, but it was super easy and the instructors made it as easy as possible.

I left Chiang Mai this morning, and went to Pai on a minivan. I’d heard about how windy this road was (they say there are 762 curves) and most websites warn you to take a spew bag just in case. Given that I woke up feeling a little under the weather it is fair to say I was feeling pretty nervous about the drive. But man, once we got going, I couldn’t have cared less about the curves – it was an amazing road! The scenery was brilliant, the driver was semi safe, only taking approximately half the corners at breakneck speed, and we only had one false alarm when another passenger felt ill, which actually led to a welcome leg stretch. All in all the drive was certainly something to remember!

I arrived in Pai and found a hostel then decided it was time to chill out at the swimming pool, checking out my fellow travellers. I’m not feeling too sociable today so I kind of kept myself to myself. 

I had a quick dinner then made my way over the river to a big party organised by ladyboys. They played some pretty crazy remixes, but I had a great time and it was easy to meet people and make friends. I think that’s a story for another time though :).

The upload speed here is rubbish, but when I find a better connection I’ve got some great pics.    

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