Singapore – Melaka – Kuala Lumpur BUSY WEEK!

My last days in Singapore were filled with exploring the Night Safari and Singapore Zoo and eating some amazing food! The Night Safari and Zoo were pretty cool but pretty overrated. I was surprised to see how small some of the enclosures were and some of the animals looked pretty stressed out which is sad. It was still worth going, but certainly not what I’d expected. Not sure how I feel about zoos yet. In England I always felt like ‘they’re in the best place and wouldn’t be allowed to be open if they weren’t good for the animals’ – over here I’m not so sure.

I need to process my thoughts on this. 

The food in Singapore is delicious – so many different places to eat and so many different dishes to try. My favourite is the Lavender Hawker Centre, the Nasi Rendang was incredible (and only about $4 for a decent sized meal!).

I was sad to leave Singapore but it was time to move on. I caught a bus to Melaka Sentral in Malaysia in the evening. It was the flashiest bus I’ve ever seen! Large, reclining, massage seats that were super comfortable! The bus sped to Melaka, what should have been a 5 hour bus ride only took 3 and a 1/2 hours. Yikes!

Melaka is a Unesco World Heritage Town so it was an interesting place to explore. I spent most of my time in the Jonker Street area – full of little shops and Chinese lanterns. I went on a ride down the dirty river in a boat which was a fun way to see the town.

The main points were the huge lizards that live in the water, Pirate Park (a theme park that had 3 rides…), an unused monorail, lots of pretty bridges and loads of charming buildings. A lot of the buildings had been painted so they looked pretty amazing. 

Again, the food was very yummy here, especially some satay kebabs at the Chinese Hawker market. The snacks from the 7/11 were also a treat. 

It stinks here though – a lot of the sewers don’t have covers over them and the smells really drift up. Melaka was fun, but after two nights I was ready to leave for Kuala Lumpur. 

Kuala Lumpur is a very cool city, it is massive with so many different places to visit. When I first arrived I made my way to China Town to find a hostel. Everyone was so helpful. I met someone who looked like another traveller and I thought he just wanted to help me but turned out he actually worked there. No biggy though – I liked the place. It’s cool and in a good area. 

Since being in Kuala Lumpur I’ve explored some markets, been to the Batu Caves and again eaten loads of deelish food!

The Batu Caves weren’t quite what I expected, but still amazing given the sheer size of the caves and the way the temples are built into them. There were a lot of monkeys around who were cute but really cheeky – I saw one launch at a lady for no reason, she flipped! Haha. There also were hundreds of pigeons and mangy, rabid looking dogs around the bottom of the steps. When we were at the top of the huge stairs into the caves, about to leave, there was a massive boom and a smell of gun powder. I jumped a mile, thinking it was a bomb!!! Next thing I knew there was a small amount of smoke coming up right beside us. Some people screamed and all the pigeons flew away but most people kept doing what they’d been doing. Guess it wasn’t a bomb, just someone letting off a firework or a noise bomb, I really don’t have a clue. Scared the living daylight out of me though! 

People are so friendly here. Going out on a food walk with some of the guys from the hostel tonight so hopefully I’ll have lots to write about next time. 

Genuinely having a great time travelling. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed at everything being new all the time, but y’know, it’s exciting! 

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