Brazil/Argentina january 13th -march 14th 2013

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Brazil/Argentina january 13th -march 14th 2013

Updated 5 years, 1 Month ago

Hello guys my name is noora and im 21 years old.I am currently doing volunteering in Costa rica. I am looking for a travel buddy to Brazil/ argentina in january-march  2013. I will be in in rio de janeiro in Brazil around 13th january and im planning to stay there for a month(maybe during the carnivals) and then head to Argentina.By my personality i am really laidback and social. I am also really flexible about my trip and i dont really have any plans. Just want to have fun and meet new people and learn about the culture. :) in my opinion it´s so much more fun to travel with somebody! So if anyone got interested i would love to share the adventure with you. :)

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