Playing in Ireland (part 1)

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Playing in Ireland (part 1)

Updated 4 years, 10 months ago

Hey! During the last days, we traveled without let up! So you'll have the stories delayed but... with pics :D !!!

Near Ballycastle, we visited the Giant's Causeway, a must-see in Northern Ireland. It is a long coast formed by hexagonal basalt columns, results of an ancient volcanic eruption! This landscape is all natural! Unbelievable!
But apparently, they built a visitor center lately where you have to pass through and pay to see the coast (o__O ) and an audio guide that some french tourists we meet, told us that it didn't worth it!! Tips: walk around the building on the right, pass through the car park, take the wooden stairs on the left after the building: enjoy the view and the walk for free!

You can find my original post with some photos here :

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