What to do in Siem Reap

For most people, including myself, the priority when going to Siem Reap is to witness the epic Temple complex of Angkor Wat. We got up at 4.30am to make the sunrise and can safely say the hype was more than justified. If the scale and weathered excellence of Angkor Wat don’t take your breath away, then the steps of the Bayeon will!

It is definitely worth noting that the heat when wondering around the temples can become a bit overwhelming, so it’s essential to bring as much water as you can carry and maybe even a hat (the more creative the better I say). You’ll be rewarded with a renewed glimpse of the adventures of Lara Croft the Tomb Raider if you continue the tour to Ta Prohm.

You can get taken around for the whole day by a friendly Tuk Tuk driver for $15 and the passes for the Temples are $20/$40/$60 for 1, 3 and 7 days respectively.

Aside from the ancient allure of the Temples, Siem Reap has a lot more to offer. The Landmine Museum about 40 minutes out of town gives visitors a very comprehensive account of recent Khymer history and the hardships of the Cambodian population from the 60s to the 90s. It’s worth a visit, especially seeing as the modest $3 entry fee and any additional donations go towards housing and educating young landmine victims.

You can also take quad bikes out to waterfalls, zipline, learn how to cook Cambodian cuisine or even unwind in the Butterfly Sanctuary. There are plenty of bars along Pub Street and a night market for when the sun goes down too. You should make sure you’re able to make it out of bed for at least one early morning wake up call though, as the Angkor Wat sunrise waits for no man!

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