What to see and eat in Bangkok.

When you first touch down in Bangkok it can seem quite hectic and confusing, but the best place to find your feet is the Khao San Road. As it’s teaming with friendly locals, cheap street food and tourist bars, it feels like the hub of Bangkok, well for backpackers at least.

From there you’re only a short walk from the great temples of Wat Po and the Grand Palace, which are truly epic. Then it’s a great shout to explore the canals of Bangkok, which will eventually lead you to Wat Arun, towering over the river. On these long boats you get to experience a snapshot of the way of life for many in Bangkok. Shows of the ping pong variety and Thai Kick Boxing are also great to add in for a bit of novelty value, if that’s your cup of tea.

However, it’s only when you’re racing to a temple in a haggled down Tuk Tuk before closing time while stuffing your face with Pad Thai, that you really feel you have arrived.


One of the great things about food in Bangkok is how readily available freshly prepared food is. In every district streets are lined with vendors as well as cafes and restaurants. Pad Thai was a big favourite of ours as it’s about 50 Thai Baht (£1) for a tasty dish of chicken/pork, noodles, sprouts, peppers, egg and sauce – absolute bargain!

From the same vendors you can also often buy freshly barbecued kebabs and various other Thai dishes. You can expect to pay a little more for the infamous Thai green curry, but generally they’re still the equivalent of about £2.

The cafes and restaurants tend to cater for pallets of all tourists, so you’re bound to find something you like, even if you’re not into experimentation with delicacies such as fried/scolded scorpion (tastes like chicken), Bangkok will always provide.

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