Ilha Grande

Hello, So I met up with my tour group that I will be travelling across South America with on Saturday. Things got off to a good start as one of the girls said she had hand-gliding booked for about an hours time and asked if I would like to join. I promised myself I´d say yes to things whilst travelling so decided to give it a go.
It wasn´t actually scary at all and I felt very peaceful once I took off. Although I´m glad the instructor told us that it was officially classed as the second most dangerous sport after we landed!
There´s a good mix of people on the tour. Including myself there´s 2 Canadian guys, 2 English guys who know each other, an English couple, an Australian girl, a Norwegian girl and an English girl.
Our tour leader for the first section of the tour is an Italian girl. The majority of the trip is twin-share which means we will be staying in nice hotels, making a good change from hostels!
On Sunday we set off for Ilha Grande, an island just South of Rio. It´s basically the Isle of Wight but not rubbish.
Ilha Grande really is a beautiful place as it hasn´t yet been taken over by tourism although I´m not sure how long that will last. We were told we would be visiting an idyllic beach on Monday, only problem was it was a 2 and a half hour hike away! Well actually, 5 of us got separated from the rest of the group so it was a 4 hour hike.
It didn´t help that not a single bit of the hike was flat so we were either going up a steep hill or down a steep hill.
However, I´ve got to say, the beach was definitely worth it. I´m talking postcard sort of beach. Whilst on the beach, I saw some Brazilian lads playing football. Now it was annoying me that they were using lots of fancy skill and hardly any long balls were being played so I asked if I could join them to teach them a thing or two. Thankfully they said yes and I believe their football careers will never be the same again.
Yesterday we moved on from Ilha Grande and headed down to Paraty, back on mainland Brazil. Unfortunately I was very ill yesterday and was throwing up repeatedly so had to stay in bed all day. It would have been nice to get some sleep but there are local elections taking place in Brazil at the moment and their way of campaigning is to play ridiculously loud music from vans adorned with the candidate´s face between 6 am and 10 pm.
Thankfully, I feel better today and we will be going on a cruise as long as the weather is good. Hope you are all well.

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