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Rio de Janeiro

Updated 5 years, 5 months ago

So I´m here, it´s actually happening. I know it`s only been a couple of days but if the rest of the trip is like this I will be very happy.

Getting on the plane felt a bit like the Friends episode where Chandler goes to Yemen. I was sat next to two elderley Brazilian ladies who spoke to me the whole way in Portugese but I seemed to nod and smile in the right places as they didn´t get offended.

When I got to Rio my transfer´s sign said `Paul Law Fon´ but I thought that would do. I was instantly struck at what an amazing city it is - there are the Favelas or slums situated about 50m from office blocks and Christ the Redeemer appears to be floating at night.

On my first full day, I did a tour of the city, seeing Christ the Redeemer, the Ipanema, Cocacabana and Botafogo beaches, Lapas and Saint Teresa. I think seeing Christ up close has to be one of the most awe-inspiring things I´ve ever done even if he couldn´t be bothered to smile. It was a shame that the weather was poor though as we couldn´t see for that far. I´ve been told I´ve been very unlucky with the weather as it was sweltering the day before I arrived and rained all day yesterday. However it has been better today.

The Lapas steps was another thing I enjoyed although they did look a bit like the artist had had a few too many beers when he created them. We enjoyed a traditional Brazilian lunch which wasn´t like anything I´ve ever had before but delicious nonetheless. Last night I had a few beers in the hostel which was great for meeting people. I have discovered there is no better hello than `fancy a beer?´ There were people from all over and it was great to hear tales of what they´ve been up to, I even met a girl who has done the tour I´m starting on Saturday and said she loved it.

The strangest person I have met so far is an Everton supporting Aussie, sadly we didn´t get onto how that came about.

Today I went in the sea on Cocacabana which is a nice beach but I have one complaint. If only those bloody girls with their perfect figures could cover up a bit, really put me off my doggy paddle! On that note it seems there is no upper age limit for wearing a thong bikini in Rio which leads to some horrific sights.

I moved hostel today as well in to one that doesn´t seem to be as friendly but I´m only here for one night before starting my trip across South America tomorrow.

Hope you are all well, Paul

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