My last trip to deli

Well every person has the right to say that his or her city is amazing, its beautiful and its simple a dream destination. Well they are right. Even if a person in North Korea says that Pyongyang is a heaven, I will eventually agree with him (well not every person).
Now I am not from Pyongyang and have no bucket list entry of Pyongyang. Today I am sharing a post from my experience and wants to share this experience will all the readers at about my dream city New Delhi. Check it out.

A heaven for travelers

There are numerous tourist destinations that one can visit in New Delhi. One of the best one is the India Gate. This is a cultural and historical gate made of stone & is a dedication to the fallen Indian soldiers that took part in the First World War. This is one of the prime places that interest which has a special place in the hearts of Indian people. It took about 10 years for this monument to be completed.

Then Raj Ghat is also a heart touching traveller attraction as it’s the resting place for famous Indian individuals like Gandhi, Nehru and a few more. An early morning walk here is simple amazing as 1 one complete track is of 4 kms. Plus as every foreign delegation visit Raj Ghat on their visit to Republic of India, so you are ne less important than them so do visit Raj ghat.
Plus, there are numerous hotels, guest houses & resorts in and near the city such as the Shiva Oasis Resort, The Park New Delhi, GTC Hotel & Lounge and The Hotel Transit.
Hotel Transit is one of my favourite as its just five minutes driving from the IGI Airport and GTC Hotel & Lounge is an another favourite as its situated in south delhi which is one of the most posh area of the city.

A heaven for foodies.

It is impossible to find a cuisine typical to the Indian culture. This is because there is none that identifies with the city. The settlement of people from other areas made the city to have a combination of sorts. This has made Delhi to assume a number of identities. One of the most famous cuisines is the Chandni Chowk. It is a famous type of bread commonly found in every part of the city. The Bengali market is known for sweets, Golgappas and Chaat Papri. There are also sellers on the roadside that sell the native cuisines. There are also famous restaurants such as the Bukhara. The restaurant is known for its delicious kebabs served inside the bare wood and clay tiled dining room. There is usually no cutlery to accompany the dishes but bibs.

A heaven for couples.

Couples can enjoy walking in parks such as the Garden of Five Senses and the Lodhi Garden. The Garden of Five Senses boasts of its texture, fragrance and color. It also comes with a unique combination of 500 bells that chime hence the soothing feeling on the background. The garden also has attractive grounds full of sculptures and art. There are also pools full of water lilies and with surroundings of climbing plants. The Lodhi Garden is one of the most pleasant places to visit in India. The park has numerous trees that allow visitors to familiarize with the Indian flora. Before, the area  was used as a burial site for Indian rulers. By visiting this park, one is able to know where the Mughal garden design originated from.

A heaven for shopaholics.

One of the most renowned malls in India is the DLF Emporio. It is very luxurious as well as expensive. Here, the premium and designer products will ensure that you have a nice shopping experience. There are more than 170 brands featured in this mall. Another shopping haven is the Select City Walk mall found close to Saket Delhi. It comprises of cinema halls such as the Food Complex, food joints and National and international clothing brands. This is the ideal place for entertainment and shopping.

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