Aaaaargh! Hate computers!!!

Safari has just decided to crash on me and munch away on my nearly finished blog about the last 3 weeks… Sweet! Anyway, I was babbling on happily about our trip to Poland and how we managed to make our way across half of the European continent and finally touched down in Bangkok. 

The last 3 weeks have been pretty emotional as after leaving Spain we headed over to the South of Poland and to the Tatra mountains which I’ve been going to since I was about 7, which I do know was a long time ago!

As both of us had little aches and pains, such as a bit of a tummy bug on C’s side and massive blisters and a sore achilles on mine we managed only 2 proper treks but luckily I managed to show Cliff most of the places I really love. We made up for the lack of further hiking wandering through fields and meadows overlooking the mountains, beautiful food and a trip to the newly opened thermal waters spa, which ended up with us enduring into some serious naked times as the saunas in there are operating what they call a ‘strictly naked’ policy! Fun times!

The next few days we spent chilling out with my mum and dad back home and had some emotional moments it’s fair to say :)! Enjoying a lovely dinner out and a few trips to the local market which left C just a bit in love with the fact that we, Poles still do it the proper way and do not give in to the ‘take over the world’ KFC and Mc Donald’s bullshit. Believe it or not all the fast food places both in the mountains and in Bydgoszcz, where I am from, were pretty much empty to our delight. The only people in there were the young kiddos that will sadly take us – Eastern Europeans into the footsteps of the already gianormous Western population. Anyway enough of that, I am on holiday after all and not willing to carry on with my usual nutritional preaching. Just a personal reflection on the matter 😉

We finally jetted of back to the UK for the final 5 day re packing mission, which left us checking in with under 15kg bags (wahooo!) in Heathrow terminal 3 on Friday Sept 30th to start our big adventure! 

Quick Asian update to follow shortly as I need to run to catch a bus to Pattaya to see baby girl Lauren kick some other girl’s ass in thai boxing match later today.

Adios everyone! Love you all.

M & C

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