Dolce far niente and another epic road trip…

So we woke up for our trip to Ko Wai in a pissing rain thinking snorkeling in that weather wasn’t going to be much fun. As unpredictable as the Thai weather is especially towards the end of wet season as soon as it started raining it soon stopped so we jumped on the boat and headed off into the blue abyss. Funnily enough they were handing out anti sea sickness tablets as soon as we boarded so clearly with my history of motion sickness I couldn’t turn one down. I don’t know what was in them but I passed out 5min into the journey and woke up to (surprisingly) all the Thai tourists being sick everywhere… Russians, Poles (well one to be precise) and English were absolutely fine. Hilarious!

After too much fun snorkeling, feeding fish, watching divers go down do do some serious business and a lovely lunch on the boat we were dropped off on Ko Wai – our final destination and home for the nxt eventful 4 nights. Boy, how I missed doing nothing! I can’t even remember the last time I sat down with a book! Everything happens for a reason they say and I think we were meant to do the trip the other way round just to experience the pure joy of not having much to do before we jump on the whole sightseeing bandwagon. A bit of rain to start with followed by two beautiful days of sunshine helped us chill out and slow down our well overworked engines aka brains. I’ve never been in a place like this! Paradise some would say… Well only if 50 mozzie bites all over your body (yes I got C to count them for me!), squat communal toilets, freezing cold showers, sleeping in a shed, electricity for 5hrs a day and rats popping in to visit at night to check out if you left any food out is your kind of thing… Hahaha, it’s all just a bit insignificant when you fall asleep in a complete darkness to the sound of waves crashing on the beach, step out on to a white sand and go for a run with crabs and use coconuts as your sprint markers just to then jump straight into the crystal clear turquoise water to cool yourself down. Amazing! As we were so incredibly busy we ended up building epic sand castles on two consecutive days and made the parents of the kids that were also on the island work really hard to exceed our sand castle building skills as their little ones were clearly jealous of our new fortress! Let me tell you something they failed miserably, ha! That means our inner child is still in there intact just waiting for an opportunity to jump on and come out :)!

After a few ‘really busy’ days of reading, sand castle building, chilling out and playing the long forgotten games of hang man, s**t head and noughts and crosses we headed back to Ko Chang for a couple more nights in the lovely Cliff Cottage and one more of the amazing scooter rides around the island (we still didn’t brave the fallen down road to Long Beach – have a look at the pictures to see what I mean!) to eventually set off on yet another epic road trip to Siem Reap but more about it next time.

New set of pictures to your delight just here

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