Just about to leave…

First and I am sure not the last post on here… For those of you who don’t know us, we’re two personal trainers setting off on gap year adventures in search of our better selves and the best location for us to settle and restart out PT business. Either on the other side of the world, which will make my folks murder me probably… Or if we don’t like it better anywhere else than the UK (unlikely!) we’ll just come back and do pick up from where we left off here. As you’re probably expecting we’re just about to set off! Well, in a few hours anyway. Clearly after leaving London on Thursday morning with a massive hangover from having too much red wine (never enough good grapes) the night before saying our goodbyes we’ve been attempting to be very organised. Since all our lively belongings have already been packed away for the past two weeks and all the ‘important’ stuff we’re thinking of taking away with us have been neatly laid out in piles on the floor we thought it was going to be a piece of cake… With me having done tons of trekking and hiking and having the best packing expert dad teach me how to pack my shizzle probably about 20 years ago there was no chance to have any ‘I can’t fit it all in’ issues… Eeeeeerm… Yeah! Not until last night when we both attempted to pack our stuff! Picture to follow shortly so you can get the idea!

Jumping, sitting, kicking…  nothing helped and clearly my slight ocd and desire to have everything neatly organised using pack cubes requires a 150l backpack or even better a suitcase and a little donkey… DOH!  I’ve slept about 5hrs, am aching like a mofo from our last workout yesterday and adrenalin is pumping all over and here I am with way too much stuff, having to repack just a couple of hours before leaving the house! On the other hand I guess not very many of us gappers get the chance to literally test ride their backpacks for 3 weeks before actually leaving for good so I keep my hopes up! With our mums and dads being both in Spain and Poland we get to do a mini 3 week trip before we set off to BKK at the end of September. So anything that’s not used over the next few weeks is coming out of that lovely Jalan and it ain’t going back there!  Wish us luck people!!! M&C

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