Scambodia here we come…

After waking up to beautiful sunrise we were welcomed by Shaun making us our favourite latte to set us up for the day on the road… We’re off to Cambodia. Picked up and ready to start our journey with Tony’s Transport (I know sounds dodgy) off we went in a private mini van that was meant to take us to the border. After an epic four hour journey through an even more epic storm we arrived in Poipet with 6 fellow travellers. Dropped off at a near the border hotel (another nasty, dodgy place) to go through our ‘visa application’ process smoothly we were just about to face our first of about a million scams to come that day. First of all we paid for our visas in Thai Baht instead of dollars, which we knew of anyway as this is apparently the way Tony makes his money, charging us that little bit more for a hassle free process… yeah whatever! If that wasn’t enough we were kindly informed that the application price has suddenly gone up 100 Baht from the one originally quoted… When asked why this was in response the price was kindly repeated to us and a kind hand appeared in front of our faces to pick up the money… Smile and say nothing was our response. Anyway, we were then taken to the border which was an experience in itself and crossed the 3 check points including a medical quarantine involving information that we can catch all sorts of nasty stuff while in the Kingdom of Cambodia… Yeah, great! Then trying to deal with several other attempts of our English speaking guide (My country is a small country, not like your country, you understand?) to rip us off we eventually ended up on another mini bus that was taking us to Siem Reap (they tried to charge us for it twice too). Dropped off at some random place where the only way to get to our guest house was to grab a tuk tuk from our driver’s extended circle of business partners we eventually ended up at the lovely Golden Temple Villa where we’re staying for 2 nights before moving across the road as they’re fully booked and sadly can’t extend our booking.

A beautiful welcome drink and a great dinner at their amazing little restaurant sent us off to bed for a well deserved good night sleep. In the morning we decided to get our bearings and just walk around the town saving ourselves for the Temple trip madness tomorrow. What a day it was…


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