Seeing the new Natural Wonder of The World – Halong Bay cruise

What an incredible experience! To start with, let me explain. As it’s getting closer to the big day, 21st of November – C’s bday, we got to treat ourselves a little, courtesy of the Wildes.  THANK YOU!!!
We booked a table and had an amazing meal at the French/Fusion restaurant La Badiane in Hanoi. You know how big we are into our food so experiencing the fine skills of their head chef Benjamin was a pure pleasure to our taste buds (not so much when he sent us a couple of glasses of Calvados to make sure our dinner went down wel, hahaha)!

After a lovely night out we headed off on a two day cruise in the famous Halong Bay – the newly estabilsed natural wonder of the world. Having never slept on a boat I was a little sceptical and didn’t know what to think of it. We paid a little extra to avoid the overcrowded junk boats with the masses and what it looked like did the itinerary the other way round, getting places after or before everyne else which was lovely and added on to the charm of the experience.

What an experience it was! Words can’t describe how beautiful this place is. You just hope that the Unesco donations go in the right hands and make sure it’s preserved as best as it can. The bay covers approximately 1.5000 square km and has up to 2000 lime stone islands popping up over the surface. The main part of it is nearly 350sq km and has around 775 islands. You can only imagine how calming and mind clearing it was, sitting on the outside deck of the boat with a glass of wine and staring into the blue and green never ending beauty. Incredible! I can’t even describe how and why I managed to chill out so much that I had the best sleep I’ve had since we went away that night. I actually can’t remember sleeping that well for a long, long time back in London.

Apart from all the chilling out we managed to do a few bit more touristy bits like kayaking through the caves and one of the floating villages (the locals must be so fed up with all the tourist) which consists of little platforms floating on big styrofoam blocks with shacks built on top. It still does not stop them from having full on tv and sound systems powered by mini generators at the back of their platforms! We also did a mini coooking presentation and raced folding up spring rolls so that we can enjoy them for dinner. We sadly missed the sun rise tai chi class as the bed was just too comfortable…

You’ll get to see it all in pictures once I manage to upload them all somewhere in the world of the slowest internet connections on planet to see for yourself what I mean.

I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go on a proper cruise some time soon, a somewhat changed approach to sea travel on my side :).

Love you all!

M x

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