The ultimate cheat day, dead wasps and bodybuilders.

NFA – no fixed abode seems to have settled down in our heads for good and we haven’t even properly left yet :)! This last week in Spain just proved how quickly one can get used to not having a clue what day or time it is. It feels amazing to be waking up when your body wants to, eat when it’s hungry! For the last 8 days our lives pretty much consisted of morning swims (with dead wasps that apparently still sting even though they drowned themselves a few hours earlier, well at least according to one fellow sun worshipper down by the pool), lovely breakfast (steak, eggs and nuts baby!) and then replenishing our vitamin D stores, severely depleted in the UK. Reading books and magazines that I’ve not touched for months, planning our mountain hikes and Bangkok adventures… Bliss!

We found quite a decent gym on the golf course 5 minutes away from where we are in Casares del Sol and made friends with an 80years old bodybuilder as he complemented my snatches and cheered for C while he was supersetting pull ups with over head presses. Tony – the bodybuilder showed us some photos of him in the 70s and compared his PBs from the past with C’s bests as they’re similar body weight :)! Pretty cool watching someone who could be our grandad chatting away about bench press and clean and jerk. And even though he can’t whack over 140kg on the bar anymore he’s still in pretty good damn nick! Impressive!

Some of you know of our famous cheat meals/cheat days and what we usually consume… :). Courtesy of C’s folks we had the ultimate cheat day yesterday to celebrate their bdays and Christmas as we won’t be seeing them this year (we’ll be somewhere in Malaysia most probably at that time). The buffet at the swanky Puente Romano hotel in Marbella was rather exquisite! Luckily we didn’t have to worry about too many out of ‘the only way is Essex’ starlets and there were no celebrities either. Much quieter than in the peak season we shared the alfresco dining terrace with only a few more people. The experience is hard to describe to be honest. With 5 or 6 different courses, cheeses, meats, fish and lovely desserts we – nutritional fanatics couldn’t have been asking for more!

The quality of the food was amazing! We walked off some of the goodness strolling around the port, watching poor people parking they mercs and bentleys outside they pretty impressive yachts that cost more than a town house in Chelsea… Disgusting ;)! Enough of that… Back to my homeland tomorrow! After a night in the airport, we’re flying out of Malaga at stupid o’clock to touch down in Krakow 3 hours later. A couple of hours on the coach further South will take us to where my heart lives – Zakopane, here we come!!! M

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