Oh Poo!

Ok so i thought i’ll start my blog now… i can’t wait to go travelling but i have found a hiccup….

i’ve found the OzIntro website that seems amazing, i deffo wanna do that as an into to oz, get to know a few people, just need to get money for the flights, accomdation and anything i wanna do really… including my stop offs in other countries…

This is where my hiccup lies…. i lost my job last month when i had the last bit of my honduras trip to pay for, as i was made redundant the company i worked for gave me an extra £100 in my last wage…. that last wage covered my honduras trip…. the money before that went towards it too… it was supposed to be the money from now would be towards the next adventure…. WHAT MONEY?!?!?!

I can’t get a job now until august because i couldnt find one and now i have exams and media placements for a competition i won and 2 weeks in honduras then a week and a bit away for my best friends wedding to which i have to turn up to because a) its my best friend… and b) I’m the bloody maid of honour (yes i will probably fall down when i walk her down the aisle…. oh did i not mention that part… FECK FECK FECK!) <--- a rare non laid back time 😐 anyways, back on track.... i have no job... if it got a full time job from august i would probably get only about £2800 before january, my intended departure time.... Flight: about a grand Oz thing: about 500 money for food and accomodation and actually being able to get out and do something before i get a job....: i have no idea. other stop offs on my journey: pfft who knows? total cost: more then likely well over the 2.8k i will have 😐 Now cross your fingers that me/a really good friend (you can be that if you want/someone in my family... wins the lottery (you now see why i'm willing for it to be you? 😛 jokes, i'm sure you're cool enough anyways 🙂 ) I will probably be listing things i wanna do and need to buy and prices in here on the countdown to january so i will remember them 🙂 Honduras photos and blog will arrive... i leave for there on 15th july... WHEEEEEE!!!! and as my friend lives in nottingham i technically have to travel a way to get there so i will be sure to blog if i trip or something 😐 Its a pleasure to meet you, i'll keep in touch 🙂

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