A Distinguished Trip to Japan

If you have ever wanted to visit a place where contrasts and contradictions occur frequently, Japan is the perfect holiday sojourn for you. The country’s culture and traditions date back to the millennia, yet you can see latest fashions and trends on its streets. Japan is the land where past meets the future.

For the first time when my friends came to know that I have booked a ticket to Japan, they patted my back for the courage I had shown by deciding to go on a sojourn to the country.

Language is no-barrier in visiting the Japan
First time visitors hold prejudices about the country and its native Japanese language. But, I was very much convinced that a country where World cup soccer was successfully hosted few years back must be abreast with at least fundamental English and my senses did not prove me wrong.

Every famous spot, I visited, had the tourist guides well versed in English language, so the trip to Japan was far better than my expectations. To make it easy for the foreign travellers, train announcements were made in both the languages, Japanese as well as English.

But, sometimes language can cause minor stirs as well, as it happened when I was on phone to book a hotel room. The receptionist was able to understand English, which I came to know after getting frustrated and about to hang up, but did not help me out. A minor portion of population might resent you invading their territory in search of scenic beauties; otherwise rest of the crowd is co-operative and welcome you with open heart.

The western mindset in Japanese people
Over the years, Japan has westernised a lot. If you have missed something out there at your home, you will not miss it at all. You can buy any essential items at reasonable price. But, it’s always good to travel with lots of money. To save money, you can get a Japan Rail pass that covers entire JR network except Tokyo subway route.

I had been to some of the other Asian countries and was pre-conceived with notions about Japan being the same conservative state. But, I was completely amazed to see the western fashion sense amongst Japanese men and women. The country is so unlike many other Asian countries.

It’s the custom in Japan to greet people by taking a bow and putting chopsticks vertical in your food is a death symbol.

Japan is a haven for shopaholics
I used up my entire money on the shopping. To tell you the truth, Japan is a haven for shopaholics. The fashion districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya have latest trends hanging on the shops. There are ample opportunities for music lovers to buy bizarre musical instruments on the streets of Ochanomizu, a music district in Tokyo.

Kyoto is another bustling city and Shijo is one of the better known areas in the Kyoto. You can buy anything and everything at fairly reasonable price from the undercover market of Shijo.

Japan is a very safe country but before taking a flight to the place, you must go through a blog from Japan, as I did. Trust me, these online blogs help a lot while you’re travelling and give a complete picture of Japan.

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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