Discovering the Lengths and Breadths of Exotic Japan

Beauty, modernism with flair of conventionality is exactly how you can define the prevalent culture of Japan. Despite, the country’s inclination towards the ever-changing scenario, people here are possessive about their culture. They will adopt the new but will surely keep the old as any true citizen. A tourist hub, Japan will let you explore the intricacies of the Asiatic landscape which is a wonder itself.

Though first-time visitors may find it tough to select just a few places for a Japanese exploration; people who have already set their foot on this far-east island country will clearly be able to define the hot spots of the place. Encompassing some of the most beautiful destinations of the world, the Asiatic country exposes natural delights at its best.

Before taking you across the five most favorite destinations of Japan it is noteworthy that you understand the cultural habits of people living here. The Japanese are determined folks and live in closely-knit families. They are staunch believers of family bonding and are really friendly in nature. Every year, the country welcomes around 6-10 million tourists from across the globe. Okay!! Now you have read enough about Japanese natives; time has come for you to explore the wonderful destinations of the country, Japan.

Mount Fuji: Unquestionably the highest natural landmark of the country, Mount Fuji undoubtedly attracts the eyes of the travel enthusiast. Most importantly, the beautiful peak can be photographed from different angles and is usually climbed by millions of trekkers. Visibility of Mount Fuji attains the maximum level during winter months.

Adorning the snow in winter time, the mountain looks like a saint in white. It is also considered a holy peak with quite a collection of shrines positioned just at the crater rim. The famous hiking routes helping trekkers reach the peak are Fujinomiya, Gotemba and Kawaguchiko.

Himeji castle: referred to as the “White Heron Castle” the Himeji castle is one of the most popular edifices surviving in its original form. The frequently visited place is adorned by cherry and pine trees adding to its scenic excellence. The UNESCO has labeled this region as a “World Heritage Site”. Archeologists, who have studied the construction, have found that the original part of the castle was structured between the years 1333-1346.

KinKaku-ji, Kyoto: best referred to as the Golden Pavillion, the Kinkaku-ji is also amongst the most visited sites in Japan. Surrounded by lavish ponds and plush pine trees, the region is one amongst the most popular destinations reigning over this beautiful country.

The temple of Golden Pavilion is association with Zen Buddhism. The place which is reigning over the heart of millions of Japanese also draws attention of the average traveler who is always ready with the camera to capture the picturesque scenes surrounding the site. So, while you consider these few places to visit in Japan, make sure that you explore the enormous web resource to grip hold of the whereabouts.

Being an avid travel enthusiast, I have managed to gather these important information on Japanese destinations that have been catching attention of the traveler’s eye, since years. After bumping into I have got to learn more about the Japanese traditions and places where globe trotters must pay a visit to.

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