What all to See & Do in One Day Singapore City Tours

Singapore is a city-state is that is full amazing attractions and experiences. You can see them all in Singapore City Tours. However, if you are short on time, and you want to get in a lot in just one day, there are a few attractions that you cannot afford to miss. These places, just like honeymoon destinations in Singapore, add more to the charm of this great nation. So, here’s what you can experience in a single one day tour of Singapore.

Start your Day with Nature

The Gardens by the Bay is one of the most important stops during the Singapore day tours. This attraction opens quite early in the morning, so you should get here before the crowds come in. Spread over a staggering 249 acres of reclaimed land, the gardens are divided into 3 sections. The Bay East Garden is home to tropical leaf shaped gardens. They have unique themes, and have been landscaped to match the themes. You can also see the city from this section. The Bay South Garden is the biggest section of the gardens, and is home to the Flower Dome, Conservatories, Cloud Forest, Children’s Garden, Supertree Grove, and Horticultural themed Gardens. The Bay Central Garden is a waterfront promenade, and acts as a link between the East and South Gardens. The gardens are a good place to spend the morning enjoying the best of nature.

Stunning Views of Singapore

Next, you can head to the Singapore Flyer for some Singapore sightseeing. The giant ferris wheel has 28 air conditioned compartments that are designed to give you panoramic views of the skyline. The flyer takes you to a height of 541 feet, which makes it one of the biggest ferris wheels in the world. The whole ride lasts about an hour, but you feel like you have seen and experienced so much more. You can do this ride later in the day as well, and experience a lit up skyline of Singapore. 

Afternoon Excursions

This a great time to grab a bite and do some shopping. You can either head to Chinatown of Little India. Both places are known for their bargain shopping avenues and food. Also, in Chinatown, there are quite a few Buddhist temples that are built according to Chinese architecture. They are peaceful places where you can go and say a prayer or two, or simply meditate. In Little India, you will find temples based on architecture from South India, dedicated to Indian Gods and Goddesses. The best time to come here is during the many Indian festivals. The temples are decked, and the streets are colourfully decorated. These two places are perfect to experience the various cultures of Singapore.

Sentosa Island Hopping

Probably the highlight of your Singapore holidays, Sentosa Island is a place that you will never want to leave. It has beaches, watersports, aquariums, golf courses, cable car rides, and Universal Studios. Why would anyone want to come back? You can head here for the evening. Be warned. There’s a good chance you’ll end up spending more time than you intended to. You can watch the sunset from the gorgeous beach, and just laze around for some time. You can either walk back to main city, or catch a cable car ride back. Sentosa Island is the most entertaining place in Singapore, and you will be spoilt for choice on what to do.   

Night Safari Adventures

Now this is probably the most unique way to spend the night in Singapore. The Night Safari was the first-of-its-kind night time safari in the world. Today, many have replicated this idea, but the original night safari in Singapore is still one of the best. Most animals are nocturnal, and this is the best time to see them. There are more than 2500 animals of 130 different species of which 1/3rd are endangered. The whole zoo is dimly lit, and you are taken through the zoo in trams. There are a few walking areas as well. Watching the animals in their element at night is quite a thrilling experience.

Street Food Tasting

If you’ve not grabbed a dinner at the Night Safari, then head out to the streets of Singapore to gorge on some of the most delicious food you’ll ever eat. From chicken satays to spicy crab curry, and even desserts like fried carrot cake, you can get your share of authentic Singaporean food. Singapore being a country very strict about cleanliness, you can be rest assured that the food is clean and hygienic. The cuisine is a blend of all the various cultures of Singapore. So, you can find Chinese, Malay, India, European, and many other cuisines fused with each other. Many Singapore City Tours also offer food tasting tours. Locals and tourists all like to gorge on these delicacies, and you should too. One suggestion is that instead of getting full at one stall, keep tasting little food at all stalls.

Optional Experiences

There are many other optional attractions that you can add to your day’s itinerary. The Jurong Bird Park at Jurong Hill is a beautiful place where you can enjoy if you like birds. There’s also the Singapore Zoo and the River Safari that are options instead of the Night Safari. And as an alternative to Gardens by the Bay, you can check out the Botanical Gardens which are equally beautiful. There are many options how you can spend your Singapore holidays, and avail the best experiences this great nation has to offer.  

Singapore really rolls out the red carpet for its tourists. You can do and see so much in the Singapore City Tours that you will fall in love with the city-state. There are also many honeymoon destinations in Singapore making it a place for all kinds of vacationers. Singapore is blessed with natural beauty and industrious people. They have preserved the nature, and the people have made amazing world-class tourist attractions. Therefore, even if you manage to spend on day exploring Singapore, you will be all the richer.

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