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What the Hell is this all about I ask? Why would I start a blog up? Who am I? Let me introduce myself, I am Thomas Mclean, 26 years old, working as a volunteer coordinator for a small NGO called Que Rico, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I came to Cambodia nearly 1 year ago now, originally as an English teacher seeking work in the NGO sector as it was my chosen degree at university. I started off with Que Rico, helping out with a little bit of admin here and there to help the ex-director out. Through an unfortunate sequence of events, but fortunate for me I feel, I now work full time for the organisation, dealing with volunteers, with marketing and fundraising, and general project coordination, theres a small management team so we all tend to stick our nose into each other business a little bit, which makes my job all the more interesting. I have to pinch myself at times to remember how lucky I am to be able to do such a job, it's fascinating. It's fascinating because we are trying to achieve something here, and every day we are figuring out ways to move forward. Although the one thing that I have found out; it's not easy. Problems, problems, problems it's getting around them that is the fun part. So why start a blog? Volunteers past and present, love to know what's happening, I like to think I can give them an on-going insight. Friends and family, can take a peek into my head, from the otherside of the world. I like to think that the job I do is interesting, it's nice to think that somebody I haven't met in another continent can gain a snippet of life somewhere else in the world. NGO's are interesting things, they have so many different facets to them that people don't realise. Enter in to the engine room of an NGO.

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