The Adventure Begins Now.

My last day of high school ended last frirday and i was filled with mixed emotions. I was happy to leave and never see most of my class mates again. School was an awful place filled with awful people (as you all probably already know). i hated it. But on the other hand, i didnt want that day to end. i was scared. Scared for all the responsibilties that im going to have, what im actually going to do with my life, and most of all im scared to grow up. i know that most of you will say “dont worry about it you’ll be okay” or “everything will be alright” but its a scary time for pretty much everyone and it is hitting me hard. 

For most of my school life, i was miserable. i hated pretty much everything and everyone. i just wanted it all to end. And when i think about it, all i ever wanted was the complete opposite. I wanted to start living and living my life the way that I wanted to, with no arrogant teacher breathing down my back or annoying class mates judging my every move. And now i have that chance. I can do what ever i want and be the person that i truly am. 

I have started to plan my gap year. Although i’ll probably be doing it alone since most of my friends are going to either TAFE or Uni. My plan is to move to the UK around June/July next year (2014) and find a job. Mostly because you have to be 18 and my birthday is in April. I have found a coulpe of programs that help me do just that. And i can truley say that iam excited! I cannot wait to meet new people and have new experiences. But as of right now im trying to find a job here in Perth-Western Australia. Moving to the UK might seem like a big stretch but you have to make the leap some day. Why not now?

I still have a lot to live for and a lot to learn. Who knows wht the future hold for me? It may be good, or it may be bad. Either way, my adventure starts now.

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