Inspiration for creative writing while traveling

Traveling is like storytelling. We like to know where we’re going using a route or a map. However, the true magic happens when you don’t follow the plan and loosen up. In that way, you’ll become untethered by the directions. If you feel that you can no longer write on the page, here are some sources of inspiration for creative writing when you travel.

Get lost
Traveling without a map or route can give you inspiration on what you can write next. When you travel, you’ll experience a lot of things. But you need to leave the usual path and deviate from it. Find routes that you could not travel if you were to stick to the guidebook. When you start to get lost in an unfamiliar place, you can roam free and discover the secrets of an individual culture. It could be a favorite eating place of the locals or a part that provides serenity.

Allow your pen to move
Sometimes, when words don’t flow correctly, you need to let your pen to move and keep moving. It’s like when you travel. You continue to discover places that can give you fresh ideas. It’s a way for you to break through the resistance. As you travel in an unfamiliar place, allow yourself to take photos as they, too, can be an inspiration to your writing. Look at those photos and allow your pen to write anything about what you see. When you free-write, you’re letting yourself write anything that comes up. It doesn’t only liberate you from the strict directions of creative writing, but it also reignites your passion.

Be aware of your surrounding
When you walk and explore a new city, make sure to be aware of the smells, sights, and feelings of the place. It can invigorate your writing while you attend to those details. By being aware of the surrounding, you’ll realize the real colors and smell of a spice market, for instance. You can apply what you see in your surrounding to your writing. As you write your characters, you’re not just using visual details. Rather, you must also include kinesthetic details. You’ll learn how to use sensory details to enliven characters.

Take risks
Fear can prevent you from leaving your past behind and moving on. Your past hurts. Your fears can ensure that they won’t happen again. However, if you force it on the present, then you’ll never wipe away your fear. Remember that nothing is permanent in this world. That said, even your troubles will go away. That said, don’t allow your failure to stop you from trying again. That’s why you need to step out of your comfort zone. Take risks and it can do wonders for your writing. It’s not uncomfortable. In fact, you’ll find it enjoyable. So, take the time to travel without the maps or directions. Allow yourself to just go with the flow. If you do so, you’ll find various themes that you can use for your next novel. If you need help editing your work, though, use this site  for editing and proofreading.

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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